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                         2024 ENGAGEMENTS

Apr.   7th.  White River Baptist Church - Buddha IN. 10:30 AM 

Apr. 19,20 Gospel Expo 2024 - Van Wert, OH  5:00 PM.

Apr. 21st.  Living Truth Ministries - Van Wert, OH  10:30 AM

May   5th.  Rio Grande Full Gospel Church - Terre Haute, IN  10:00 AM
May 19th.  Springs Valley Church of the Nazarene - French Lick, IN  10:30 AM
May 25th.  Swartz Family Restaurant / Strawberry Festival - Eckerty, IN  4:30 PM
May 26th.  Washington Assembly of God - Washington, IN  10:30 AM

June 16th.  Missionary Baptist Church - Qulin, MO  12:00 PM EST
June 16th.  Little Bushy Church - Wappapello, MO  6:00 PM CDT
June 19th.  The Courtyard at Lake Granbury - Granbury, TX  2:30 PM CDT
June 19th.  Tolar Baptist Church - Tolar, TX  6:00 PM CDT
June 20th.  Waterview The Cove Memory Care, - Granbury, TX  10:30 AM CDT
June 22nd. Lighthouse of the Tin Top - Weatherford, TX  5:00 PM CDT
June 23rd.  First Baptist Church of Thorp Spring - Granbury, TX  10:45 AM CDT
June 23rd.  Southside Baptist Church - Granbury, TX  5:00 PM CDT
June 30th.  Graham Baptist Church - Butlerville, IN  10:30 AM

July  28th.  Little Union Baptist Church - Bloomington, IN  10:30 AM

Aug.   4th.  Redmon Christian Church - Redmon, IL  9:15 AM CDT
Aug.  11th.  S.S. Lily Pad - Syracuse, IN  8:30 AM
Aug.  11th.  Lakeside Chapel - Syracuse, IN  10:00 AM
Aug.  17th.  The Barn - Hickory Hollar Campgrounds, West York, IL 6:00 PM CDT
Aug.  18th.  Assembly of God - Lyons, IN  10:30 AM
Aug.  25th.  Burgoon Baptist Church - Bloomington, IN  2:00 PM

Sept.   7th.  8th Avenue Baptist Church - Terre Haute, IN  7:00 PM
Sept.   8th.  
Barbour Avenue Worship Center - Terre Haute, IN  10:30 AM 
Sept. 14th.  Eastview Baptist Church - Paoli, IN  TBA

Sept. 15th.  Ratliff Grove Christian Church - Freetown, IN  10:30 AM
Sept. 29th.  Normanda Christian Church - Tipton, IN  10:30 AM
Sept. 29th.  Indian Lake Church of the Nazarene - Lakeview, OH  6:00 PM

Oct.   6th.  West Terre Haute Assembly of God - West Terre Haute, IN  10:30 AM
Oct. 19th.  Union Church - Solsberry, IN  6:00 PM

Nov. 24th. Woodville Baptist Church - Mitchell, IN. 10:30 AM

Dec.   8th.  West Baden First Baptist Church -West Baden, IN. 10:30 AM


Mar.  23rd.  Nicholson Valley Christian Church - Dubois, IN  10:00 AM

May   4th.   Rio Grande Full Gospel Church - Terre Haute, IN  10:00 AM







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